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Portage River Paddling Company - Oak Harbor

Our Oak Harbor location is right in the heart of downtown Oak Harbor, Ohio. You can find us directly behind the iconic Oak Harbor Hardware store and right across the street from Riverfront Nutrition! Oak Harbor has that small town Ohio charm and it is where we call home in the off season!

This stretch of the river is completely different from the Port Clinton location. The Portage River here is a lot more narrow and winding giving you a feeling of being in Southern Ohio. We are just 9 miles downstream from the Village of Elmore. 

Just like Port Clinton, you can rent kayaks, tandem kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards by the hour and go out and explore this beautiful section of the Portage. In addition to all of the above we also offer pedal boats at our Oak Harbor location as well. This provides a unique way to see what the Portage River is all about.

90% of what we do in Oak Harbor is run river trips. A 4 mile trip and a 9 mile trip. Hands down, our 9 mile trip starting in the Village of Elmore is by far our most scenic river trip we offer. This has always been my favorite stretch of the river to explore. There is a good chance you will find old bottles and other unique treasures long forgotten about. For more information and launch times see our river trips page.


Another unique feature about our Oak Harbor, Ohio location is we are right in the heart of Oak Harbor's annual Apple Festival held the second weekend in October. This festival has been running 40+ years and draws a crowd of 25,000 people each and every year! That's roughly 10 times the population of Oak Harbor! You can find more information on Oak Harbor's Apple Festival here.

Weather permitting this is our last hurrah for the season where we offer festival-goers the option to take one of our vessels out on the river.

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